GEC GreenEnergyCoin  

GreenEnergyCoin (GEC)  is a blockchain project focused on the energy sector of the global economy in the field of "Green Energy" - the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.


GreenEnergyCoin (GEC)  is a product of the investment class blockchain. It is a derivative that uses both advanced financial and industrial technologies to produce and sell a product with high demand.

Such a product is electricity that is consumed and sold in the markets of countries that have a permanent deficit in the generated capacity and are dependent on its imports.


GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) is a blockchain project that combines investors who have decided to finance the construction of Solar Power Plants (SPP) by the crowdfunding model to get income from their usage. Decentralization should ensure the independence of the project, and eliminate negative factors of influence on the process of trade relations between electricity producers and its final consumers.


Decentralized and direct investments in the GreenEnergyCoin project will be implemented through the purchase of GreenEnergyCoin tokens (hereinafter - GEC), produced on the basis of Ethereum blockchain, which could be easier exchanged on the existing crypto-exchange exchanges, or at fiat money.


GEC offers the newest investment format, which will allow investors to easily, anonymously and safety finance the construction of solar power plants (SPP) around the world.


The GEC will operate as an investment fund, constantly increasing the total capacity of manged  solar power plants. This will be achieved by refinancing established SPP and construction of the new SPP.


GEC will raise funds through Initial Coin Offering (ICO) - a form of investment attraction in the form of sales to investors, issued by GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) own crypto currency (tokens), which will be provided with electricity at the rate of 1GEC = 1Kwh of electricity.


The GreenEnergyCoin (GEC)  crypto currency (token) will be released on the basis of the block chain Ethereum, which can be easily  exchanged on existing crypto-exchange exchanges, or at fiat money.


Project objectives:


•       Creation of competitive and highly profitable enterprise SPP that will generate the electricity from the                           renewable sources.

•       Construction and commissioning of new solar power plants based on the introduction of innovative and                       advanced technologies.

•       Constant increase of the solar power plants capacity.

•       Electricity consumer’s demand satisfaction.

The project is focused on the construction of network solar power plants (SPP) in Croatia to sell electricity to a centralized network without intermediate accumulation.

Electricity is sold to consumers through the connection of power plants to Croatia's energy networks.

In the process of implementing the project, it is planned to provide electricity generation on the basis of renewable sources. 

To this end, it is planned to build three solar power stations:


  • Solar power plant                   -  "South Adriatic-I":    15 MW / h,

  • The solar power plant             -  "North Adriatic-I":    35 MW / h,

  • Solar power plant                   - "South Adriatic-II":  100 MW / h.

  • Total power: 150 MW / h.

  • The total electricity capacity will be: 359 635 002.26  KW / h per year.

  • The total cost of the project is: €​140 000 000.00.

  • The project implementation period is: 5 years.

  • The payback period is: 3 years.


The project will be financed through investments attracted through the ICO, by way of the GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) token pass, issued on the basis of the Ethereum Blockchain  and which can be freely exchanged on existing crypto-exchange exchanges or at fiat money.


Financed funds received from the sale of tokens are planned to be used to finance the implementation of the project.


The GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) project is not limited to the construction of only three (3) solar power plants in Croatia.  As the project GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) is focused on the permanent incearse the of solar power plants as well as the increase of the produced and sold elecricity.


For the foreseeable future, it is planned to expand the network of solar power stations in Croatia, as well as the construction of a network of solar power stations of various capacities in Slovenia, Montenegro and Mongolia.       

More detailed information in Whitepaper.