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In project "GEC GREENENERGYCOIN", will use innovative technology at its solar power plants - bifacial technology.


Bifacial technology is designed from superior silicon for improved wafer technology and cell efficiency. The bifacial cell has both front and rear contacts which allow for the collection of light from both sides.


Bifacial solar cells produce energy from light that strikes both sides of the PV module. The result is increased power output at a lower cost. These n-type monocrystalline cells are designed from superior silicon for improved wafer technology and cell efficiency. The module is laminated in a transparent durable glass and Bifacial. The increased power from the backside of the panel can be up to 30% more than a standard module on fixed installations and an extra 20% with a tracker.

Using Bifacial technology, we want to guarantee the success of our customers and partners.

Bifacial technology it provides the opportunity to increase power output at lower cost and requires less surface area. Bifacial have the same inverter replacement costs and can produce up to +49.8% more energy with an optimized configuration resulting in additional energy, additional revenue and a possible 50+ year life span.


The solar panels are placed on a support structure made of Anodized Al. and which allows you to adjust the angle of inclination of solar panels to the horizon. Support structure, supplied by the manufacturer, complete with solar panels. Warranty: 30 years. Service life is 50+ years.


Bifacial modules are long lasting with a potential 50+ year life span, with 30 years warranty and thus have a lowered Leveled Cost of Energy (LCOE). This, along with increased kWh produced per Wp, reduces project cost and allows bifacial to compete directly with the grid.


"Celestial Glimmer" is a groundbreaking lighting system designed specifically to enhance the functionality of solar panels, allowing them to operate continuously, day and night, providing a consistent and uninterrupted power supply.

Traditional solar panels rely solely on sunlight to generate electricity. However, during nighttime or in low light conditions, their productivity diminishes significantly. "Celestial Glimmer" addresses this limitation by incorporating an innovative lighting solution.

During the day, solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity, contributing to power generation and storage. When the sun sets, "Celestial Glimmer" seamlessly activates, illuminating the solar panels and replicating the effect of sunlight. This artificial illumination ensures that the solar panels continue to generate power, maintaining a consistent energy output even during nighttime.

The use of "Celestial Glimmer" transforms solar panels into a 24/7 power source, optimizing energy production and making solar energy an even more reliable and sustainable option for meeting our energy needs. This innovative system represents a significant step towards achieving a more efficient and continuous utilization of solar power.

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