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GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) is an blockchain project is focused on the energy sector of the world economy in the field of "Green Energy" - production of electric energy from renewable energy sources.

GreenEnergyCoin (CEC) is an investment-grade blockchain product. It is a derivative that leverages both cutting-edge financial and industrial technologies to manufacture and sell a highly in-demand product.

Such a product is electrical power, which is consumed and traded in the markets of countries, which have a permanent deficit of the generated power and are dependent on its import.


GEC GreenEnergyCoin is commodity-backed blockchain option.

  •  Based on real production of the electrical energy.

  •  Possibility to become of the energy token holder.

  •  Unique, stable and innovative blockchain product.

  •  Possibility of payment through blokchain for the supplied electrical energy.

  •  Complete transparency at every stage.

  •  Quick return on investment of the project.

  •  Guaranteed demand for the electrical energy produced.

  •  High level of income.

Specification of the GEC GreenEnergyCoin .

  1. GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) is the blockchain option for investing in the production of an electrical energy (Green Energy).

  2. GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) is not susceptible to inflation or typical cryptocurrency volatility. As such it is a reliable tool for the preservation and growth of capital funds.

  3. Investing in GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) in the early stages of the project allows you to make a profit.

  4. Full transparency of all stages of investment and project implementation.

  5. GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) is a liquid trading asset.

  6. The price of One (1) GreenEnergyCoins (GEC) is equivalent to One (1) kw-hr electric energy.

  7. After starting the production of electricity, the producer will pursue monetary policy, and will intervene (buy or sell) GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) on the market in order to ensure the stability of GreenEnergyCoin (GEC).

  8. Investors can freely manipulate (buy or sell) of the GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) on the market, if they prefer.

  9. Investors, as well as Consumers of electrical energy can buy from the producer to the electric energy and pay for it to the GreenEnergyCoin (GEC).

  10. In case of expansion of the project and construction of new, additional power plants with the purpose of increasing the produced electric energy. The issuer may issue additional emission of the GreenEnergyCoin (GEC).



Investors participate in the project by buying GreenEnergyCoins (GEC). One (1) GreenEnergyCoins (GEC) = One (1) Kw/h of the electric energy.

The unique conditions offered to investors participating in the ICO - 1GEC = 0,10EURO


GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) has a commodity-backed and has a free circulation on the market.

Investor can freely manipulate sell of the GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) on the market, if they prefer.

All funds go to the construction of production.


All received financial resources will be used for the construction of an energy network in Croatia, which consists of three (3) Solar Power Stations, with total power of 150 Mw/h  of electrical energy.

Production areas were chosen in Croatia.


When building a single power grid of Solar Power Stations, will be used equipment and technologies from the world's leading manufacturers.

Each investor has the opportunity to visually control the construction, installation of equipment and commissioning works through the project site.

At the end of the period of construction and commissioning of Solar Power Stations.

The production of electric energy begins, and its supply to consumers.

The supply of electricity to consumers is carried out in accordance with pre-signed agreements.

Financial stability 

The Issuer will ensure the financial stability of GreenEnergyCoins (GEC) in the market. Throughout the project implementation. the issuer will conduct a monetary policy with respect to GreenEnergyCoins (GEC).

If necessary, the Issuer will use all available and legal methods and means to stabilize the GEC  -GreenEnergyCoin rate on the market.

Public Sale:

           1GEC = € 0.10

Bifacial technology .


GEC GREENENERGYCOIN will use innovative technology at its solar power plants - bifacial technology.

Bifacial technology is designed from superior silicon for improved wafer technology and cell efficiency. The bifacial cell has both front and rear contacts which allow for the collection of light from both sides.        More details...

Started of Public Sale.


November 01, 2019 started of  Public Sale on the sale of the GreenEnergyCoin tokens (hereinafter - GEC).  Sell price: 1GEC = 0,10EURO (1EURO = 10GEC). In the near future, the token will be sale on several cryptocurrency exchanges.The list of exchanges will be announced additionally.

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