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​GEC GREENENERGYCOIN is an project is focused on the energy sector of the world economy in the field of "Green Energy" - production of electric energy from renewable energy sources.

GEC GREENENERGYCOIN is an investment-grade product. It is a derivative that leverages both cutting-edge financial and industrial technologies to manufacture and sell a highly in-demand product.

Such a product is electrical power, which is consumed and traded in the markets of countries, which have a permanent deficit of the generated power and are dependent on its import.

GEC GREENENERGYCOIN is commodity-backed  option.

  •  Based on real production of the electrical energy.

  •  Possibility to become of the energy Security Equity token holder.

  •  Unique, stable and innovative product.

  •  Possibility of payment through blokchain for the supplied electrical energy.

  •  Complete transparency at every stage.

  •  Quick return on investment that was invested in the project.

  •  Guaranteed demand for the electrical energy produced.

  •  High level of income.

Specification of the GEC GREENENERGYCOIN.

  • GEC GREENENERGYCOIN is opportunity for investing in the production of an electrical energy (Green Energy).

  • GEC GREENENERGYCOIN is project which not susceptible to process inflation . As such project is a reliable tool for the preservation and growth of capital funds Investors.

  • Investing in project GEC GREENENERGYCOIN in the early stages of the project allows you to make more profit.

  • Full transparency of all stages of investment and project implementation.

  • Generated electricity is a liquid trading asset, with increased demand.

  • The price of one (1) kWh of electric energy is: €0.18

  • Offer for Investors - OTI Equity Token (Security Equity token), which is a security in digital format, and issued in accordance with the requirements of US laws.

  • After starting the production of electricity, the producer will provide the opportunity to buy generated electric energy from the GEC token (Utility token) within the framework of the Ethereum platform on which it was issued.

  • Investing in the GEC token in the early stages of the project allows you to purchase electric energy at a lower price in the future, and this makes it possible to make big profits.

  • In case of expansion of the project and construction of new, additional power plants with the purpose of increasing the produced electric energy. The issuer may issue additional emission of the OTI Equity Token (Security Equity token) and GEC token (Utility token).

  • In the future, the owners of the OTI Equity Token (Security Equity token) and GEC token (Utility token) will be able to sell them on the secondary market.


Investors participate in the project "GEC GREENENERGYCOIN"  by purchasing;

1. Digital securities - OTI Equity Token (Security token). Price of OTI Equity Token (OTI): US$ 1.00 ,

For more information about the OTI token, click here...

2. Settlement coin - GreenEnergyCoin (Utility token). Price of GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) : € 0.10. For more information about the OTI token, click here...

GEC token and OTI token, was issued on Ethereum platform, ERC20 standard.

Security and Garantees

OTI Equity Token (OTI) is to ensure, and is of GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) . OTI Equity Token (OTI) is a security token and belongs to the category of digital assets that certifies ownership and gives its owners the right to exercise their investment interests.

The turnover of OTI tokens is carried out in accordance with the legal regulations of the financial regulator - SEC, USA and rules and requirements; Reg. D and reg. S. 

As well as GreenEnergyCoin (GEC token), will be provided by generated electricity.

Token sale  

The sale of GreenEnergyCoin token (Symbol - GEC) on the ALTCOINS HUB exchange has been end.

Until start listing on international crypto exchanges, GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) can be purchased under direct agreements with the management company OFEK CONSALTING d.o.o., which is an affiliate of OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation.
OTI Equity token (OTI) can be purchased under direct agreements with the Issuing Company OFEK Technology Inc. or from ma
nagement сompany OFEK CONSALTING d.o.o.

images (5).jpg

All received financial resources will be used for the construction of an energy network in Balkan region (Montenegro and Croatia), which consists  Solar Power Stations, with total power of 600 Mw of electrical energy._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

GEC GREENENERGYCOIN will use innovative technology at its solar power plants - bifacial technology.

Which allows you to increase the capacity of solar panels by 50%.


At the end of the construction and commissioning of solar power plants. The production of electric energy from renewable energy sources and its supply to consumers begins. Electricity is supplied to consumers in accordance with pre-signed agreements. GEC token holders will be able to buy electricity at a discount of up to 15% of the cost of electricity on a specialized exchange.

 Financial  stability 

Financial stability of the project is guaranteed by stable demand for the manufactured product. Such a product is generated electricity, which is consumed and sold on the markets of countries that have a constant deficit of generated energy and depend on its import.

In order to ensure financial stability, the Issuer - GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) will pursue a reasonable monetary policy with respect to its stabilization. If necessary, the Issuer will use all available, legal methods to stabilize it.


Token Sale:

Equity Token Offering (ETO) 

Quantity: 320'00 0'000 GEC

 1 GreenEnergyCoin = USDT 0.10
OTI Equity Token FACE.1.png


First-person conversation for investors.

The founder of the project "GEC GREENENERGYCOIN" - Mr. Sergii Ivano v, Director / Founder, OFEK Technology Inc. , USA, tells Investors about the attractiveness and safety of the project. 

Lets make the World better, and yourself richer!

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Start of the listing in ALTCOINS HUB ECOSYSTEM
Listing starts of the GreenEnergyCoin token (Symbol - GEC ) - August 08 , 2022 . GreenEnergyCoin (Symbol - GEC ) token sale will start on 08/08/2022 at 02:00, GMT+0 .
Token sale will be held on the international exchange - ALTCOINS HUB , with the assistance of ALTCOINS HUB ECOSYSTEM .
The press release will be published on ALTCOINS HUB  in the coming days. Follow the news.

More details...

Token Pre-Sale Continues.   

The pre-sale of OTI Equity tokens (hereinafter - OTI token) continues.

Discount: -30%.

Sale price: 1 OTI = 0.70USD ( 0.70 USD = 1 OTI ). Until the listing date, OTI token can be purchased under a private contracts.

Listing date of OTI Equity token, will be announced additionally.

Invest in the "Green Energetics" real project - GEC GREENENERGYCOIN .

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