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Ask yourself - Who and what do you believe in? Many of you will say that you believe in God. And this will be the correct answer. But many people cannot say that they believe in themselves.
I believe in God and I believe in myself. Next to me, my team, which I can trust. And I can be sure that my team will cope with any task, no matter how difficult it was. We all believe in God and we all believe in ourselves.

We are creating our GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project, and we are sure that we will implement our project, and we have no doubts of success. 

Believe in us and support us. And we will justify your confidence. We will preserve and increase your investment in our project. We are sure that every Investor participates in our project with God's Blessing! Let's make the world more beautiful and ourselves richer!

Please read the information below to find out how we implement our project. What we want to achieve, what opportunities and what income we offer to Investors, and how we strive to protect the assets of our Investors.
Believe in us as we believe in ourselves and God!

I believed in myself and believed in my team when I conceived my project GEC GREENENERGYCOIN (, and this was the time of the crisis in the global cryptocurrency market. The rate of bitcoin fell rapidly, and after it the rates of other altcoins also fell. Investor confidence in cryptocurrencies has also fallen. 80% of startups turned out to be a real scam, and Investors lost their investments, which undermined their confidence in the crypto industry.

2018 was a very difficult year for the crypto industry. Only enthusiasts at that time maintained an unshakable faith in the future of cryptocurrencies.
At that difficult and difficult time for the cryptocurrency market, I concluded that the main condition for the competitiveness of the crypto industry is its integration into the real sectors of the global economy. And also that, in order to attract finance, for the implementation of projects, it is necessary to protect Investors from possible losses of their investments.

• With faith in God, with faith in myself, and with faith in my team, I started the implementation of the GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project.

My GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project was originally focused on the energy sector of the global economy in the field of "Green Energy" - the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.
When implementing the project, we laid the basis for the project, the possibility of using both advanced financial and industrial technologies for the production and sale of a product that is in great demand.

Such a product is electricity, which is consumed and sold in the markets of countries that have a constant shortage of generated capacity and depend on its imports.
And the planned decentralization should eliminate the negative factors influencing the process of trade relations between electricity producers and its end consumers.
The business plan of the project (White paper) can be found at:

• To make mistakes, it's normal, in the World, there is not a single person who would not make mistakes.

In the process of creating and implementing the GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project, we made mistakes and were exposed to adverse external factors that slowed down the pace of the project. But this did not stop me and my team, we corrected mistakes and minimized the negative influence of external factors.

Because me and my team initially set the goal of creating a competitive and highly profitable enterprise that will produce electricity from renewable energy sources. And the GreenEnergyCoin token (Symbol - GEC) should become a full-fledged unit of accounting for the produced and supplied electricity.

The construction and commissioning of new solar power plants based on the introduction of innovative and advanced technologies and a high feed-in tariff in the Balkan countries, as well as support for the industry at the level of the Council of Europe, should ensure a high and stable profitability of the project over the years.

When creating and implementing our GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project, our team is guided by the following criteria:

• The project must be integrated into the real sector of the world economy.

And my choice fell on energy, in the field of "Green Energetics" - the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. I think that my choice is understandable to everyone. The generated electricity is always in demand in the market. And the "Green Energetics" direction is a promising and dynamically developing industry that has state support in the EU countries. So the prospect of the GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project is clearly obvious.

• The project should be as attractive and safe as possible for Investors.

The main priority for us is to provide security for Investors. We sought to provide maximum protection for investments in our project; provide Investors with the safety of their investments, the ability to manage investments, receive and increase dividends, return their investments without prejudice to the project.

The project team strives to take care of the interests of the Investors, and we try to create the most comfortable atmosphere for the Investors of our project. We are completely open to Investors and provide Investors with full information about the implementation of the project.
We provide legal support and protection of Investors by concluding agreements with Investors for their participation in the GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project, and the purchase of tokens as digital assets.

To attract financing for implement the GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project, we issued two types of tokens on the market; GreenEnergyCoin token (symbol - GEC) and OTI Equity token (symbol - OTI).

1. GreenEnergyCoin token (symbol - GEC), is a Utility token issued on the Ethereum platform and complies with the ERC20 standard.
Smart contract: 0x4100A4798bD1ece722674976d8F5ac0EA75C08c1
Nominal value: 1GEC = EUR 0.10 or USD 0.10 or USDT 0.10.

Total quantity: 2,450,000,000 GEC.
Issuer: Stichting OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation.
Address: 11C10, Stadionstraat, Breda 4815NC, The Netherlands.
RSIN: 858110647
The listing of the GreenEnergyCoin token (symbol - GEC) will be held on the international exchanges ALTCOINS HUB, Montenegro, Bibox, Singapore and Bitrue, USA.

08/08/2022, the start of the token sale, the GreenEnergyCoin token (symbol - GEC), on the ALTCOINS HUB exchange, this marked the start of the listing of the GEC token.
During this token sale on the ALTCOINS HUB exchange, the GEC token can be bought at the price: 1GEC = 0.10USDT (1USDT = 10GEC).
In parallel with the token sale on the ALTCOINS HUB exchange, the token sale is held on the GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project portal, where you can buy GreenEnergyCoin (symbol - GEC); both for cryptocurrencies and for various fiat currencies:

• We strive to make the GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project as attractive as possible for Investors.

• An Investor who invests in the project by buying GreenEnergyCoin (symbol - GEC) at different stages of the project allows buying electricity for GEC tokens at a lower price in the future, and by selling it, get a higher profit.

GEC token is currently undergoing a token sale on the ALTCOINS HUB exchange. After the Token sale ends, the GEC token will continue to be listed on exchange ALTCOINS HUB, as well as on the exchanges: Bibox, Singapore ​and Bitrue, USA.
• An Investor who invests in the project by purchasing GreenEnergyCoin (symbol - GEC) receives income in the form of compensation (dividends) in the amount of 15% of the investment amount for the vesting period.

• An Investor who invests in a project by purchasing GreenEnergyCoin (Symbol - GEC) can pay for GEC tokens, various services provided by affiliated companies of the OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation holding;
     1. consulting services (Business consulting),
     2. marketing services, promotion of goods on world markets,
     3. advertising services,
     4. travel services,
     5. IT services,
     6. Development and promotion of technologies,
     7. Participate in a private profitable program with an income of + 12% per month.

  • Сonditions for participation in a closed highly profitable program are provided only at the request of the Investor.

     8. As well as other types of services.

• An Investor who invests in the project by buying GreenEnergyCoin (Symbol - GEC), can buy for GEC token; real estate, diamonds, jewelry, paintings, antiques on our trading platform "OFEK NFT".

• An Investor who invests in a project by buying GreenEnergyCoin (Symbol - GEC) can buy OTI Equity Token (OTI) for it. OTI Equity Token is a secured token and is issued on the basis of securities of OFEK Technology Inc. - CONVERTIBLE PROMISSORY NOTE (CONVERTIBLE BONDs), which comply with the requirements of US law, rules and regulations of the SEC, USA (US Securities and Exchange Commission).

• Owners of OTI Equity Tokens (investors) will receive and pay dividends. The interest rate of dividends paid to Investors is: 22% per annum.

2. OTI Equity Token (symbol - OTI) is a Security token issued on the Ethereum platform and compliant with the ERC20 standard. Under US law, OTI Equity Token (symbol - OTI) is a security issued in digital format by OFEK Technology Inc., USA.
Smart contract: 0x08Ac43A8254ed0bef8acC3EF440ac625C2DD7197
Face value: 1.00 = $1.00 or EUR 1.00 or USDT 1.00
Total quantity: 465,000,000 OTI 
Issuer: OFEK Technology Inc.
Address: 8 THE GREEN, STE A DOVER, Kent, DE 19901, USA
Registration no. 7844458
Registration in SEC: CIK#: 0001818241

Currently, the OTI Equity Token (symbol - OTI), can be purchased under private contracts at a (-) 30% discount, at a price of: 0.70 USD

OTI Equity Token is a secured token issued on the basis of securities of OFEK Technology Inc. - CONVERTIBLE PROMISSORY NOTE (CONVERTIBLE BONDs), which comply with US law, SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) rules and regulations.

• An Investor who invests in the GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project by purchasing OTI Equity Token (Symbol - OTI) receives an annual dividend of 22% per year.

• An Investor who invests in the project, OTI Equity Token (symbol - OTI), has the opportunity to become a shareholder of OFEK Technology Inc., and receive income from its activities.

• After the listing of OTI Equity Token (symbol - OTI) on international exchanges, the Owner of the OTI token will be able to sell it on the exchange, at a higher price, with the greatest benefit for himself.

The GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project is fully legitimate and regulated by the federal legislation of the USA: The Securities Act of 1933; The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012.

  • We are sure that every Investor participates in our project with God's Blessing! And to every Investor, God grants his Blessing; God will protect him, and glorify him, and fill his life with long years, and show him His salvation.

Welcome to project "GEC GREENENERGYCOIN"

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