Token GreenEnergyCoin (GEC)

GEC – token of the ERC20 standard.


GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) is a blockchain project focused on the energy sector of the global economy in the field of "Green Energy" - the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.


GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) - is a product of the investment grade blockchain. It is a derivative that uses  both advanced financial and industrial technologies to produce and sell a product with high demand. The product is electricity.


GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) is a blockcain project that organizes a community of investors who have decided to finance the construction of solar power plants (SPP ) using a crowdfinding model to exploit and profit from their work. Decentralization should ensure the independence of the project, and eliminate negative factors of influence on the procesSPP  of trade relations between electricity producers and its final consumers.


Decentralized and direct investments in the GreenEnergyCoin project will be implemented through the purchase of GreenEnergyCoin tokens (hereinafter -  GEC), issued on the basis of Ethereum Blockchain , and which will be easily exchanged on existing crypto-exchange exchanges, or at fiat money. The GreenEnergyCoin token (hereinafter -  GEC) is provided by electricity. The cost of one (1) token is equal to the cost of one (1) KW / h of electricity, according to the "Green Tariff"; 1GEC = 1KWt / h = € 0.10


The GreenEnergyCoin token (hereinafter -  GEC) will be released based on the Ethereum platform and fully compliant with the ERC20 standard. Support of this standard guarantees compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy  integration with these services. The Ethereum platform is completely support the Dapps concept due to the installed Solidity language for writing smart contracts which will be used to implement a number of functions. (payment transactions, fixing terms of disputes, payment of fees).


Issuer of the token GreenEnergyCoin (GEC)  -  Stichting OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation,

                                                                            11C10, Stadionstraat, Breda 4815NC, Netherlands


Issue of own tokens is caused by necessity of attraction of means for realization of the project GreenEnergyCoin (GEC), as well as the need for an internal economy that, thanks to the advantages of blockcain technology, will be based on transparent and trusted relations between all participants, thereby enabling the creation of a more efficient business model for the use of the blockcain system in the energy sector.


Information on the issue of GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) tokens:


Tokens not sold at the ICO stage will be transferred to the stabilization fund and will be blocked in the system before the end of ICO.

The tokens reserved for the project team will be blocked in the system before the end of ICO. At the end of this period,  the tokens will be distributed evenly over the next two (2) months.

Tokens belonging to partners and consultants will be blocked in the system before the end of ICO.

Tokens that make up the bonus fund and charity funds will be spent evenly throughout the lifetime of the project.

The tokens that make up the stabilization fund will be spent, as necessary, throughout the life of the project.


The Issuer of GreenEnergyCoin (GEC), will hold monitarnuyu policy towards GreenEnergyCoins (GEC). If necessary, the Issuer will use all available and legal methods and means to stabilize the GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) rate on the market.


With the development of the project and the construction of new, additional power plants in order to increase the electricity produced. The Issuer may issue additional emission of the GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) token.


GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) functions.


By purchasing GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) tokens, you receive an asset and the ability to use it in the market. GEC value and liquidity will increase based on the GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) project implementation and equipment capacity increase as well as the produced electricity volume.


 After the end of the public sale, the ICO is the GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) token will be available for buying / sale on the stock exchanges of crypto-currencies, which can be freely exchanged on existing crypto-exchange exchanges or at fiat money.


The value of GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) is due to the fact that the GEC token will be provided with electricity. The cost of one (1) GEC token is equal to the cost of one (1) KW / h of electricity, according to the "Green Tariff"; 1GEC = 1KWt / h = € 0,10. Since the commissioning of three (3) network power plants (SPP), owners of GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) tokens, will be able to buy electricity from the manufacturer from GEC.


GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) legal issue.


GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) tokens are designed for functional use on the market in accordance with the generally accepted classification of tokens that correspond to the characteristics of custom token.


GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) tokens can not be returned after purchase at the preICO and ICO. In the future, tokens can be used to buy / sell on the stock exchange crypto currency, and which can be freely exchanged at existing crypto-exchange exchanges, or at fiat money or electricity from the manufacturer.


The GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) tokens are not securities. Ownership of GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) tokens is not equated to ownership of shares, and owners of GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) tokens do not have ownership, management, or any other rights with respect to the GreenEnergyCoin (GEC) project. Tokens are purchased only as a digital asset.

Standard: ERC20

Description: GreenEnergyCoin


Symbol : GEC


Nominal value: 1 GEC= € 0,10


Total quantity: 2 450 000 000 GEC

Total tokens distribution:


  6.5 % - tokens presale (PreICO);

50.7 % - public sale (ICO);

12.0 % - project team;

15.0 % - Bonus fund;

  6.0 % - Stabilazed fund;

  5.0 % - Partners and consultants;

  2.8 % - Sponsorship;

  2.0 % - Bounty.