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Project "GEC GREENERGYCOIN" was initiated by the Stichting OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation and  initially was focused on the energy sector of the global economy in the field of "Green Energy" - the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.

Project "GEC GREENERGYCOIN" is a product of the investment class. It is a derivative that uses both advanced financial and industrial technologies to produce and sell a product with high demand.

Such a product is electricity that is consumed and sold in the markets of countries that have a permanent deficit in the generated capacity and are dependent on its imports.

GEC GREENERGYCOIN is a project that combines investors who have decided to finance the construction of Solar Power Plants (SPP)  to get income from their exploitation. 
Possible decentralization should eliminate negative factors of influence on the process of trade relations between electricity producers and its final consumers.

Project objectives:


•       Creation of competitive and highly profitable enterprise SPP that will generate the electricity from the                           renewable sources.

•       Construction and commissioning of new solar power plants based on the introduction of innovative and                       advanced technologies.

•       Constant increase of the solar power plants capacity.

•       Electricity consumer’s demand satisfaction.


The project is focused on the construction of network Solar Power Plants (SPP) in Balkans region: Montenegro and Croatia, for further sell electricity to a centralized network without intermediate accumulation.

Electricity is sold to consumers through the connection of power plants to Montenegro and Croatia's energy networks.

In the process of implementing the project, it is planned to provide electricity generation on the basis of renewable sources. 

To this end, it is planned to build several solar power stationsб in the territories countries of Balkans region: Croatia and Montenegro.

  • Total power: 600 MW.

  • The total electricity capacity will be: 1,438,540,009.04 KW per year.

  • The total cost of the project is: €​465,000,000.00.

  • The project implementation period is: 5 years.

  • The payback period is: 3 years.



In February 2020, at the initiative of the Stichting OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation,  was established in  USA of the Company "OFEK Technology Inc.", as an executive Company for the implementation of the project "GEC GREENENERGYCOIN".

OFEK Technology Inc., is a Startup company that will involved in the construction and operation of industrial facilities in the "green energy" sector. The beginning of the company "OFEK Technology Inc.", will be the implementation of the project - GEC GREENENERGYCOIN.

OFEK Technology Inc., will constantly increasing the total capacity of managed  Solar Power Plants (SPP). This will be achieved by refinancing established SPP and construction of the new SPP.

For the full implementation of the project "GEC GREENENERGYCOIN", Company OFEK Technology Inc., USA - plans to attract investments in the amount of: US $ 100,000,000.00 (One hundred million USD), attracting  to participate in the project accredited Investors; Private Equity Foundations, private Investors, and institutional Investors.

Company OFEK Technology Inc.offers an investment format that will allow Investors to easily and safely financing the construction of Solar Power Plants (SPP) around the World.

Direct investments in the project “GEC GREENENERGYCOIN”, will be attracted by  Security Token Offering (STO).

In order to attract investment in the project "GEC GREENENERGEECOIN",  Company OFEK Technology Inc., will issued Security Token (equity token): OTI Equity Token (hereinafter - OTI), ERC20 format, based on the Ethereum blockchain, the ERC20 format, based on the Ethereum blockchain, and meets all the requirements of US law.

OTI Equity Token (hereinafter OTI) - is a secured token and is issued on the basis of securities of OFEK Technology Inc., - CONVERTIBLE PROMISSORY NOTE / CONVERTIBLE EURO BOND, which comply with US law,  rules and requirements SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) USA.

Financed funds received from the sale of tokens are planned to be used to finance the implementation of the project.
“GEC GREENENERGYCOIN” is focused on increase the quantity of Solar Power Plants as well as the increase of the produced and sold elecricity.

More detailed information in Whitepaper.

Welcome to the project "GEC GREENENERGYCOIN"!

Lets make the World better, and yourself richer!

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